Busteniconstruct SRL
537305 Suseni Nr. 276/B
Jud. Hargita, România

Cod fiscal: RO 17049564
Reg. Com.: J19/1218/2004


BUSTENICONSTRUCT SRL (Ltd.) offers log houses with dwelling and recreation purposes, pavilions, terraces and gazebos and other garden furniture pieces made of logs. We also can supply log attics for already existing houses. Technology we use in log house production is based on Canadian experience, using exclusively hand crafted logs. Services and products we offer are of exquisite quality as they are realized with great passion and particular attention.

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If our passion for nature meets your passion for beauty, we may successfully cooperate.

Wooden constructions are almost the same age as mankind. This tradition is mainly accentuated in Northern territories such as Canada. Our craftsmen use Canadian technology, perfected by well known master Allan B. Mackie.

Log buildings have multiple advantages, we’ll list just a few of them:

  • Wood has an enormous capacity to store heat (bigger than bricks). Wood is the best natural insulating material. Gaps which naturally appear in wooden structure do not alter its thermal coefficient.
  • In its natural state, wood guarantees a really comfortable sensation of the dwelling spaces, maintaining a nearly constant humidity level. Wood imbibes with redundant humidity and releases it when atmospheric humidity drops.
  • A log house can be built in any season. It is relatively easy to disassemble and to relocate it, with a minimal site organization.
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    Maintaining a log house is practically reduced to the repeated treatment of the structure (every 5-6 years) with protective lacquers.
  • The massive structure and the perfect joints offer a good resistance against earthquakes.
  • Log structures are visible from outside and from inside, this assures its rustic appearance. Modern comfort conditions are completed by a pleasant feeling due to wood’s color and texture, combined with the natural scent of resin.
  • Log houses life-span is estimated to up to 400 years, depending on the used wood essence and its conservation mode. There are untreated wooden buildings which stand for hundreds of years.
  • There is the possibility to excellently combine log structures with other surfaces such as stone, glass, bricks or plasterwork. More about these combinations are displayed in our Projects chapter.
  • The pretty large diameter of log elements gives these structures a high fireproof characteristic. Logs do not ignite easily even at persistent flame (this is not valid for other wooden buildings made of boards or profiled beams).

Even there is a lack of personal experience on the clients’ side and information on this matter is few, the interest for this kind of buildings is in permanent growth.